Friday, August 3, 2007

Smoke Screen

It's just me, pushing buttons, turning knobs and dials, and flailing my arms about, trying to get this show on the road and attempting to fool everyone that I have it all together. As my family knows, I tend to create a lot of noise and steam and smoke when I get like this. They're not fooled a bit.
Tomorrow, we leave for a 10-day trip, and not only am I getting my family of five vacation-ready, I'm also getting the house ready for a housesitter. I've never had a housesitter before. In fact, we hardly ever have overnight company. Our families all live within a few hours drive from here and since we don't have a guest room, we rarely get more than an overnight stay from anyone. So now. . . the idea of someone living in my house for 10 days. . . suddenly all the things I've put off are glaring at me, smirking at me, putting out their tongues at me. Grimey floors, unweeded gardens, piles of ironing, sticky fridge. It's too late for a complete makeover, but I do want the place to look presentable. It would be nice to work a bit of magic and get it all in shape. But, for now, scrubbing the bathrooms and giving the rest a cat-lick and a promise with have to suffice.
In twelve hours we'll be on our way to Lake Powell, Utah, where we'll spend the week with my brother and his family. My kids will get to play water sports and I'll get to relax and enjoy the sun and exert myself just enough to dig through my bag for the next book to read. Then we're going to California for a few days to surprise Dan's sister for her birthday. It will be a long drive, but I caved into family pressure and we have a double-screen DVD player for the car. I drew the line at the video games. I told them if I had my way, we would be listening to Great Expectations on audio tape, and to be happy with the DVD player. As it is, they will be much more content watching movies and between trading driving with Dan, I will be knitting away in hopes of getting the other sock finished for a pair.
Looking forward to catching up with you all when I get back!


Xandra said...

LOL! I do the same thing, except we do have rather frequent overnight visitors. I go into a cleaning/renovation frenzy roughly 24 hours before people start arriving and completely drive my family crazy! They mostly try to avoid eye contact and back slowly out of the room when they see me frantically spinning out of control!

Can't wait to hear about the safe and enjoy that bag full of books.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, I'm late stopping by and you've probably already left, but I wanted to say have a fantastic time! Sounds like a wonderful trip, hope you guys enjoy every minute! Be safe :)

Karen said...

It sounds like you're getting your house ready to sell! LOL. I do that quick dash thing when we have a call to show.
You enjoy that vacation, and rest and relax!
See you when you get home.
Blessings and hugs,

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey Karen,

Have a great trip -- and while you're in Utah, look north and wave. I'll see you!! I really will!

justabeachkat said...

Have a wonderful, safe and memorable vacation.


gail@more than a song said...

I hope y'all are having a fantastic time! It sounds like fun, even with all the driving. That makes for good memories.
I'm doing a little something with my girls this week so I'll catch up with you when you get back!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

I feel your pain regarding the condition of your home. Believe me!
But Lake Powell and California will be really worth it, especially with a DVD in the car to keep the kids occupied.

When I have to clean my house is the only time I wish magic were real.

Have a wonderful time.

kim said...

I hpe you are having a wonderful vacation! We just got back and are still recuperating--looking forward to reading your blog again when you get back---

annie said...

I imagine you are either reading or driving now, but I'm sending prayers of safety your way and hope you have a refreshing time away.

Christie Belle said...

Oh, it was nice coming by to see you, hate I missed you on your trip, although I hope you are having a wonderful time! So, this said, I'm back...sort of. I missed visiting everyone, and seeing what was going on. I know I've missed SO much. Anyways, I love your new blog look, it's beautimous!

Robin said...

Karen you won!!!!!! You won my 100 post celebration contest and I am all ready to subscribe you to Today's Christian Woman magazine. Please email me with your name and address. You can email me at rgryan(at)nnu(dot)edu.