Friday, July 27, 2007

Together again

It's good to be home again. Tonight, for the first time in almost two months, all five of us sat down at the supper table together. We went to Denver Int'l Airport at noon today to get Joe! He had so much to tell us about his trip, and stayed awake long enough to have the special meal that he requested for his homecoming. It's his favorite:

Turkey spinach meatloaf
Cranberry sauce
Baked sweet potatoes
Corn on the cob
Apple pie a la mode
The rest of us arrived home yesterday from our family reunion. I can't decide which part was the best.

Definitely being with family was the best part. We stayed at the Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park. It took 10 rooms to accommodate all of us: my Dad and step mom, Carol, my three brothers and their families, Carol's two sons and one daughter and their families. When we arrived, there were hugs all around -- we don't all get to be together very often, and the two families were also meeting for the first time. By the time we left there were even tighter hugs all around, and we all promised we would stay in touch and get together again.

Being in the beautiful mountains was also one of the best parts. Even though the area has been devastated in the past few years by pine beetles, turning thousands of acres to a deep rusty red. The beetles infest the lodge pole pine trees and they die. It's a dangerous situation, especially since it is the height of fire season in the mountains. While tragic, it is also a marvel to see how Mother Nature works. Similar to seeing Yellowstone National Park the year after the huge fires ravaged its forests, it will be interesting to see how the forests renew themselves with different species of trees.

We had so many fun activities to do, and for my kids that was the best part. And they got to be with their cousins, swimming until late at night, then piling in one of the rooms to play games and have snacks. During the day we went rafting, hiking, horseback riding, played archery and putt putt golf, and spent a day out on Grand Lake. On the last evening we had a family baseball game. The kids enjoyed having the grownups to play with, and the grownups -- well, all I could think of the next day was Toby Keith's song "I ain't as good as I once was. . . " I don't know where I hurt more, my muscles from attempting to run or where I sat while horseback riding the next day.

So, we're home for a week and then off again for a car trip to Lake Powell and then to California for Dan's family reunion. I don't know how it happens that we don't go anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE, for months, and then we're heading east, west and farther west all in a month's time. It has been fun!

I loved coming home to some books in the mail from fellow bloggers, and to another blogging award. This one was from Tristi, and it's a fun one Community Involvement in the Blogging World. I'm a schmoozer! I'll borrow from Lynne's post and explain with this definition.

Schmoozing as defined by is the ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” When it comes to blogging, schmoozing is your ticket to making new friends, getting yourself noticed and building a reputation. (She stole this definition from Mike at Ordinary Folk.)
"Building a reputation." Hmmm. I don't know if I've ever had one (I'm usually pretty quiet in crowds), so now that I do, I hope it's a good one! LOL

As soon as Joe wakes up, I'll get the buttons on my sidebar! Oh, but first, I get to pass on the award to fellow "schmoozers." I've met so many great friends since starting this blog in February. I think we all schmooze a bit to build friendships in the blogging world. So I pick Robin and Stacy, who have both been so friendly and outgoing from the first time we started leaving comments. I can't remember where we all started, but I love visiting their sites and they always leave such great comments on mine. I would have to say, they schmooze real good and absolutely build community.

Now, I'm off to visit everyone. It's good to be home:)


justabeachkat said...

Welcome Home. It sounds like a heavenly trip. I loved seeing the photos too.

It sounds like you're going to be a busy bee. By the time you get caught up on laundry, etc., it will be time to pack up and leave again.


kim said...

I am so glad you son is home safely! I so remember that feeling of being all together again when my daughter traveled to India for almost 3 weeks the Christmas she was a junior in high school. She was exhausted when she got home but wanted to stay up and talk. :) Hope you get all rested and caught up before you leave again. We are leaving on vacation on Monday and the excitement level is building around here!

Judith said...

Family!!! Right up there with our Lord, and country and apple pie. Glad you all took time out of your busy lives to appreciate each other.

And thank you for taking me on a mental journey of Colorado, and reminding me why I'm here.

Xandra said...

Glad to have you back safe and sound, and pray that you will be safe on the next leg of the trip!

Your family sounds a bit like mine when I was growing up. The kids playing hard all day and then still having the energy to stay up late giggling and whispering under the covers way past bedtime. And I can totally relate to trying to play with the kids and then realizing too late that my muscles are not what they once were!!

Love the pics and can't wait for the update on your next trip.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Welcome home, sounds like you all had a great time! So glad your son is home safe, and you guys are all together again. Family together is just the best and you've had a double dose, haven't you?!

Thank you so much for the award... I sort of like the idea of being tagged as a schmoozer!! :) You're so sweet to think of me!

Have a great day!

gail@more than a song said...

I'm so glad your son is home, sounds like a fun family time! The menu looks great too, you might need to share recipes sometime.

Robin said...

I am so happy for your wonderful family together time. Being together with family truly is the best reward God can give us this side of heaven. I am rejoicing with you!

Thank you so much for your sweet blogger award to me. It truly blesses my heart. I will be posting about it soon. Thank you for making my day so special. You are a special friend to me and it has such a pleasure to "know" you. I look so forward to the day we meet in person -whether it be here or in heaven. I know we will be kindred spirits!