Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I love

Kelly, at My Utopia, has challenged us to come up with a list of things we love. For my list, I already assumed that you all know I love my family and friends. And, in the interest of time, I'll limit my list to 10 things:
I love it when I find my reading glasses right at my fingertips and don't have to search for them.
I love the sight of the American flag. Seeing it flying from people's porch steps, lining the street during our community's annual parade, seeing a color guard march by just brings a lump to my throat.
I love real letters that come in the real mailbox.
I love my white Keds mules I found at Kohl's this summer. I wear them every day.
I love car trips (ask me about this one after we get back from California).
I love the sound of my nephew's little voice when he calls me "Tunte" (German for aunt).
I love that I can count on 3 bottles of milk and a little pint-size bottle of half 'n' half to be delivered to my door EVERY Monday morning. Without fail. EVER.
I love the sound of the smack of the bat sending a baseball far into the outfield.
I love to browse through fabric stores. I love collecting fabric. I love fabric.
I love looking through photo albums -- my own or other people's. It doesn't even matter if I know the people in the pictures. I just like to see special moments captured in a photo.
What do you love?


Robin said...

What do I love? I LOVE your list!!! It sounds like fun and I'm going to work on 10 things I love.
Do you really get milk delivered? I never knew they still did that! How fun!

MyUtopia said...

Great list! I love the sound of the bat crack against the ball too! I wish I could go to a Tigers game this year.

Karen said...

Yes, I do get milk delivered, in glass bottles, and it comes every Monday, even if it's a holiday. I guess cows don't get holidays:)

annie said...

I love your list too Karen!

kris said...

Great list - thanks for sharing!

gail@more than a song said...

I love fabric too, need to use up what I have though!
I now wear monovision contacts b/c I was sick of looking for glasses all the time...I'd keep one by the sewing machine, one by the bed, one in kitchen etc. and it was a nuisance!