Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Reflection

It's been a busy, but productive week. And this weekend, especially, has been very productive. The kids were occupied playing with friends and I found myself with the entire day, yesterday, so I jumped on some projects that have been waiting on my list.

I cleaned my bedroom closet, got rid a bunch of stuff I never wear. Found some new linens on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond to spruce up the bedroom. I took the dust ruffle in the 'bed in a bag kit' and made a valence for the window. Tore down the very dated wallpaper border and fluffed up the new pillows. I looked forward to snuggling in the "new" bed and reading last night, but fell right to sleep instead. Got the van back yesterday. I had cleaned and vacuumed it before I took it to the mechanic. I emptied out all of Joe's "stuff" -- books, fencing helmet and epees, sneakers -- all the assundry items that he "stores" in MY van. I bought a new cup holder and a little car smelly thing from Yankee Candle. My grapefruit scented van, with new struts, breaks and cooling system, is so fun to drive now:) Best of all, I jumped back on my diet yesterday, so I feel so much better. I know, it's not supposed to be a diet, it's a way of life. But right now, it feels like a diet.

Dan called yesterday and we had a chance to really chat and get caught up. He's working weird hours this week, and with the two-hour time difference, it seems we've all but lost contact. The best part was this morning, when I got to spend the first slice of the day with my 2-year-old nephew, Tommy. My brother was taking the rest of the family to the airport, so I arrived at his house in time to see my sleepy, bed head boy in his pj's as he first woke up. We watched Sponge Bob while Tommy ate his cheerios, read "You're My I Love You" while he sat on the potty, and then played baseball in the back yard, collected rocks and smelled all the rose bushes until his daddy came home.

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Nancy Brown said...

My room NEXT!!!! sounds like you had a good time redoing it all. I bet you slept well and I hope you enjoy the new bed!!

happy WR!!!


Tristi Pinkston said...

I've used sheets as valances but never thought to use the dust ruffle. What a great idea!

annie said...

I just ♥ busy & productive weeks!
blessings to you!

Becky said...

Karen I loved all your activity. The bedroom and the car are two areas that seem to get neglected, don't they? And think of the time we spend in each. Seven hours a day ... er night, in the bedroom, and the car? Well the car is another story I'm sure.

You will feel so good with everything in great shape like that. And your husband will see how busy you have been.

I need a new valance for my bedroom but I guess I can't use that excuse to buy an entire bed in a bag. Or can I?

kim said...

I bet that bedroom feels nice with a clean closet and new linens! Ahh....the simple things in life. :) Thanks for all the sweet comments in my blog. You are such a sweet lady. To answer your question about the Noel Stretfeild books, Amazon says they are for ages 9-12. They really seem like great little reads for a little girl. Unfortunately I can't interest my 11 year old Sam in them!!

Our cat is holding his own, and for now I feel good about our decision--not so sure how good I will feel if he starts to fail again.

I loved your post about it being summer finally. My boys just got our of school Friday and we are still in the phase of backpacks all over, papers and artwork still hanging up--I did manage to take the school lunch menu off the bulletin board though! It is NOT hot here yet--won't be until after the 4ht of July-today we have had bands of thunder showers moving through about about every hour so it has been cool. Everything is greening up again which is nice.
Enjoy your Monday....

MyUtopia said...

WOW! Want to do my room next? My livingroom needs some work. We took out my bookcases and put them in the entry hallway, now we have this awful blank space that we need to work with.

Susanne said...

Just over from Bluebird Blogs to tell you your new design is just beautiful!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great update and sounds like a good week and weekend. But, boy, do you have to rub in how UBER-productive you were?! You got a lot done and I bet you really do feel great. Bet the "new" bedroom looks great, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it :) And, you reminded me that I need to go to BB&Beyond and get a new Yankee Candle car thingie for my car :)

Have a great week!

Judy said...

What a weekend!

When can we see the pictures?

And, NOTHING is more delightful than a bed-heady toddler in pajamas. NOTHING.

pei girl said...

thank you Karen for the lovely comment,have an awesome day :0)

gail@more than a song said...

You did a lot! And good idea on the using the bed skirt.
You should show us some pictures!

kris said...

You had a productive weekend - nice. Aren't little kids just the best when they first get up - I love that.

Barb said...

What a sweet post, Karen. I love the way you used the dust ruffle to make window treatments. Very clever.

I wanted to come over here and thank you for your sweet comments on the endless wedding posts I've done lately. Sigh. I'm not done. LOL

And your name is in the hat for the wedding favor giveaway. How I wish I had about 200 of them t give away. I had no idea!

Joe said...

Haha... Hey Mom. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I'll have to check in on you time to time here just to make sure that you're not gettin ginto any trouble.

annie said...

I bought a big jar of dill pickles for a free ww snack... and those fat free hebrew beef hot dogs are only 1 point, with 40 calorie bread and mustard it's a filling 2 pt. snack... and I love those 100 calorie pack snacks.
I've tried so many times to drink a diet coke instead of regular, I would rather just skip it. I wish I liked it... oh well.
Have a great day!