Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baseball and toads. . . and TomTom

On Monday, Luke played a double header out on the eastern plains, where it was 100 degrees and dry as a bone. I'm surprised the boys played as well as they did. I packed a cooler with cold drinks and snacks, and Emily came upon a frog to keep her occupied! After four and a half hours on the baseball field, in the last inning of the second game, the sprinklers came on, giving the players and the fans a cold blast of water! We were relieved -- for the cool mist and that at long last the games were over!

Yesterday, we got to keep my nephew Tommy for the whole day! Luke and Em had a great time with him, at the park, the pool and later the three of them stretched out in front of the TV to watch a movie, and Tommy promptly fell asleep. I should have gotten a picture of that, it was very cute.

Here is Em and her frog. She has three fire-bellied toads at home, and was delighted to find a toad from the 'wild'. He lives behind the backstop -- a 'baseball toad'.


Robin said...

Don't you just love summer! Toads and all.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, I would wilt after a couple of hours out in 100ยบ heat. I'm afraid I'm a wimp who prefers indoors with air conditioning :)

I'm sorry, I like all of the pictures except the last one. I just REALLY don't like frogs/toads. I'm glad she doesn't share my distaste for them, hehehe!

Have a wonderful day!

Becky said...

That toad looks very content. I guess everyone loves to be loved - toads included.

Sounds like a great day all around. Oh, the heat. It is unrelenting!

kris said...

Great photos! I had two baseball players, and I can still remember sitting in scorching heat watching games - good memories, actually!

MyUtopia said...

What fun!

kim said...

How do you guys do it?? 106 degree baseball games????? I think I would die. I guess there is a reason why I live in the northwest, huh? We seriously think about moving to a lower cost of living state, but not one with those kind of temps! Your son looks very handsome out there on the field and you deserve a medal for hanging in there for two games in that heat. Having two ball players myself I know the fun and joy and pride there comes from watching your boy play ball. Have a great Friday....

Karen said...

This is truly what summer is all about, isn't it?!
I don't think I could have handled the heat that long, though. I'd have been doing the happy dance in the sprinklers! LOL!!
Have a wonderful week-end!