Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More about me

Today, son #1 is finished with his university courses for the semester. He still has high school classes to attend in the mornings for another month. He's on a "high school/college concurrent" program. He is breathing a sigh of relief to have only one set of classes to focus on. I was, too, for him. However, upon exhaling I stopped mid-breath and my cheeks puffed up like a blow-fish and my eyes began to bulge, as I realized what this means.

We'll be spending the afternoons together here at home.

Yes, this is the same boy that I lauded yesterday as becoming quite the conversationalist. He is. (And, more often, quite the soliloquist.) But, it's not just that. You see, I work from home, and my routine is fairly well set, as well as my environment. I like quiet. Sometimes, I'll have the radio playing softly. But mostly I work in my office, to silence, with the door to the outside open when the weather permits, so I can hear the "quiet" of the outdoors through the screen, and feel the fresh air.

I don't like to watch Judge Judy during lunch. (He does.) I don't keep my computer sound on so that it cues me in to websites, new e-mails, and people coming and going with the sound of a screeching door. (He does.) Which brings up another point. The kids' computer is just a few steps away from mine. I'm not used to having office mates during the day. Well, I do have two, but one snores at my feet and the other sleeps on my daytimer, and they know their boundaries.

About mid-afternoon is when my work time ceases, and I do my "other stuff". Start preparing dinner. Throw in some loads of laundry. Do a bit of housekeeping. At this time, I may have my little kitchen radio tuned into my favorite country station. I can understand that not everyone likes country. But I do, and it's my kitchen and my radio.

Sometimes, I take the time just before the kids get home from school to do some reading and have a cup of tea. It's my time to rejuvenate for when the house is full of people again, and buzzing with activity.

Sometimes I think I missed my calling and should have been a nun in cloister.

Is this what retirement will be like?


Christie Belle said...

Oh me, your days sound nice and peaceful. I love the idea of the open door with the breeze blowing in through the screen. I hope you and your son can find a happy medium once he starts being home in the afternoons:)

Becky said...

"Is this what retirement will be like?"

Yes. Yes it is.

Karen said...

We could be twins....

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, your day sounds a lot like mine, or how I always plan for mine to be. Quiet and peaceful. Hope you guys can co-exist peacefully (does he have earphones for his computer?!) :)