Sunday, March 18, 2007

Greening up

This is a picture of our backyard from behind home plate. You can see the grass is starting to green up -- yeah, Spring! Yes, we have a home plate in our back yard. My husband likes to say he is raising kids, not grass. (You don't even want to see the garden that is the "back stop".) And yes, that's a hammock back there, too. That's where my daughter likes to hang out with her blanket and book, or with her friend and have "girl talk". My dad used to have the same philosphy about his yard as my husband. We were the only family I knew of that had a 3-hole golf course in our back yard. My dad took orange juice cans, dug holes in the lawn so that the top of the can was flush with the ground, and then kept the grass mowed short. None of us grew up to be very good golfers, but we still have fun with it and that's what it's all about, right? And other than the two brown spots on either side of homeplate, it's amazing how lush and green the rest of our yard gets. I guess it's all that water and weed-n-feed and kids' feet running around that keeps it growing. I know that this spring weather is just a 'teaser' for us. My husband reminds me EVERY YEAR that 'April is the month for the highest amount of percipitation in Colorado.' Just when I dig out my capris and put my feet in sandles -- even though these feet are NOT ready for prime time, I can't resist it this weekend -- I know that it's very likely we'll get some more snow in April. The biggest April storm came one year on my birthday and I was snowed in with the kids all day. So, yes, I know that this gorgeous, beautiful spring weather is just a preview for now. But it's so nice to see the little green blades of grace shooting up through the dry brown stuff, cheering me on that yes, spring is on the way!


melissa said...


Thanks for your sweet comment at my journal. I do love meeting new like-minded folks. :)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I saw you visited my site, and came over to return the visit. Love your template, love that you are in Colorado, my husband's home state and what I think of as home, sort of. But the comment you shared, that your husband said youre raising kids, not grass - that alone was enough to hook me! I'll be back for more visits. xooxxo

Karen said...

Now I know what to do with the back yard! Crab grass is killing everything.
I like your way of thinking.
Karen (the other one)
p.s. love the profile picture!

Joy said...

Hi Karen! Welcome to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge! I am glad that you decided to join us. Sad to say I only recognize one author of your choices; however, that's the neat thing about this...getting exposed to new non-fiction. Happy Reading!